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Skills always up-to-date

Nowadays, companies operate on a wider field. This means cultural awareness and languages have become essential, both for employees, management and leaders.



Be it a one-off lecture to brush up your skills in a language or a weekly course to train a whole team, AltTrad can deliver courses from beginner to proficiency practice levels for French, Italian and English. Should you require another language, I will be sure to find the right person for you in my extensive network.


Cultural Awareness

When opening to new markets, it is essential to understand the cultural mindset of the country. Drawing from my personal experience living in many different countries and from many international lectures and gatherings, I can help you better understand the mindset of several "Western" countries.


European Politics

How does the EU work? What, in fact, is the EU? Which branch of it is relevant to you? These questions can be tough to answer. Drawing from my personal experience and my connections in the EU world, I can provide all the answers you need in a single lecture, to help clear your path.

Learning has never been more essential than today