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Visuals are essential

What would communication be without effective photographs?



If you spent days organising an event, either for your team, your partners or your clients, there is nothing worse than having nothing to show about it but crappy smartphone pictures. Hire a professional photographer with professional hardware to really capture the essence of your event!


Stock Photos

What better way to seal a team than having their portraits taken together in the same setting? Or group pictures? And if you need to illustrate a website, you will likely need to have photos of your office, your products… Be sure not to leave this for the last minute!



What you need is to really catch the eye of the audience and create surprise. And the best way to do so is to make sure you hire a creative photographer, who will look for ideas to make your service shine in whole new ways, following the guidelines of your communication strategy!

More pictures can be found on @TarpinPhotos on Instagram and Facebook. I also regularly upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY license, to allow the use of recent photos of artists and events.

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