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Communication is a dialogue. First between you and me, then between you and your audience. That is why I strongly believe in communication starting with questions. What is that message? What do you want to say? These are the primordial questions, and we can answer them by discussing.

Communication Strategy

Any communication needs to have a clear aim and simple guidelines. This requires defining a communication strategy prior to any activity, with leaders and management.

Coordination & Support

Sometimes all you need is "just a little help" from a friend. AltTrad can support your communication team and staff in every aspect of their job.

Website organisation

Maybe that old website from 2012 could be renovated a bit. How about redefining the menu so that your missions are put forward and your skills shine better?


Visuals are an essential part of today's communication. Without photography, how will you grab the attention of your audience and show how great your team really is?



Dialogue with managers and leaders to create and design a communication strategy that will support best the message conveyed



Work at ground level with communication staff to make sure the message is effectively conveyed through all channels



Gathering feedback and providing detailed analyses of the pros and cons of the strategy and its implementation; defining new strategies for future communication

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