Translation & localisation

Translation is done exclusively into the translator’s mother tongue (in this case, French) from languages over which they have extremely good command (in this case, English and Italian). That is why we talk of translation from Italian and English into French.

A translator must be a complete expert in the language in which he or she writes in order to avoid misunderstandings, mistakes and errors. If you do require a translation from French, however, we can put you in contact with translators who work into the language you need. We keep in regular contact with translation professionals based in nearly every European country.

When appropriate, we use computer-assisted translation tools (translation memories, databases, glossaries, etc.). We think that technology can support translation and help achieve the best degree of coherence, precision and speed.

Localisation is “taking a product and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country/region and language) where it will be used and sold“. Localisation is used mostly for digital documentation (websites, apps, etc.).

Each project is unique. That is why we work with you, in order to define your needs and expectations and create the best framework for translation or localisation.

If needed, AltTrad can coordinate several translations. This can be used for example if you want a text to be translated into several languages, or if a tight deadline makes it necessary to call on several translators simultaneously. AltTrad will then manage your project, coordinate the work of everyone and ensure communication and quality.