Our translators work exclusively into their mother tongue (in this case, French) from languages over which they have extremely good command (in this case, English and Italian). That is why we talk of translation from Italian and English into French.

A translator must be a complete expert in the language in which he or she writes in order to avoid misunderstandings, mistakes and errors. If you do require a translation from French, however, we can put you in contact with translators who work into the language you need. We keep in regular contact with translation professionals based in nearly every European country.

Translation is charged per word of the source text. Since we consider each project to be unique, a unique fare is decided for each project, after analyzing it and talking about it with you.

NB: In urgent cases and for out-of-hours work (evenings, weekends, etc.), an additional charge of 25% may be applied, in accordance with the conditions agreed upon in the quote and contract.

For more information, take a look at our introduction to this area of our work : qu’est-ce que la traduction? (in French).