Editing consists of re-reading a text, written exclusively in French, to check that it is coherent and to correct any errors (grammar, syntax, vocabulary choices, etc.). It should therefore be distinguished from proofreading, which consists of re-reading a translated text (in French) and comparing it to the source text (written originally in English or Italian) in order to check the translation.

Depending on the agreement reached between the reviser and the client, editing and proofreading may include any of the following processes:

  • corrections with tracked changes
  • corrections without tracked changes
  • suggested corrections
  • a detailed opinion on a copy-edited or translated text

Editing and proofreading are charged by the hour. Editing is charged at €35/hour, and proofreading at €40/hour. This price includes an initial read-through, terminology research and all other processes agreed upon in advance, such as corrections, suggestions and reports.