Localisation is a more complicated form of translation, intended for IT products. It consists of “taking a product and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country/region and language) where it will be used and sold”. It therefore involves an element of adaptation that is not necessary for regular translation, and it may require the integration of translated texts in various file formats (.xml, .xliff, .html, .xhtml, .css, etc.).  Localisation, as with translation, is performed by professionals working exclusively into their mother tongue – from English and Italian into French, in our case.

Localisation is charged per word of the source text. Since we consider each project to be unique, a unique fare is decided for each project, after analyzing it and talking about it with you.

AltTrad is a member of the independent localizers network  IndieLocalizers. As such, AltTrad can participate in any multilingual localization project, as well as manage your whole project, relying on professional, competent and engaged translators, working in a variety of languages.